Lance Armstrong's Bike Found

Lance Armstrong's one-of-kind time-trial bike has been found.  Sacramento Police say a resident turned the bike into police headquarters on Wednesday.

Police say a resident who wants to remain anonymous turned the bike in around 10:35 a.m.  Police are not releasing any other details or how the person came in possession of the bike while they investigate the incident.

Police are making arrangements to return the bike to Armstrong.

The specially-made bicycle was stolen from behind a downtown Sacramento hotel over the weekend while cyclists visited for the Amgen Tour of California prologue.

Word of the theft spread quickly around the world, spawning Craiglist's postings calling for its return and a Facebook group "1 Million Citizens Looking for Lance Armstrong's Stolen Bike."

The seven-time Tour de France winner and self-described full-time cancer fighter had offered a reward for its return.

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