Hands Off My Nachos

With new food vendor will service improve?

Think that the food at Nats park is overpriced, undercooked, overcooked or that the service stinks?  Well, maybe there's some hope.

The Nats have backed out of their contract with food vendor CenterplateThey've confirmed -- as had been rumored -- that Levy Restaurants will have the contract for the upcoming season.  Levy currently runs the concessions operation for the luxury box fatcats at the Verizon Center.

Among the reasons for the change cited in the Washington Business Journal is "Centerplate [was] losing large amounts of money due to their commission deal with the Nationals."

Levy becomes the third vendor in the past three seasons.

Will the third be the charm?

Nats fans were promised better service and selection at the new ball yard. Certainly, the selection of overpriced food was much greater than at RFK, but the service still left some sour tastes. Slow lines, cashiers who demanded tips and stands running out of food all made the move over from the ol' dump.

Many of the employees, thanks to the team-sponsored Disney training, were friendlier.  They certainly smiled a lot before pocketing the cash from the food they served you but somehow forgot to ring up in the register.

Nats fans certainly hope that the new concessionaire brings along a better beer selection, even if they know that hoping for lower beer prices is about as fruitful as hoping for a pennant this season.

But as long as they don't touch the half smokes, the chili nachos or the gelato, most will be content.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment before overdosing on those amazing chili nachos.

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