Vegas Likes Duke Over UVA

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The good news for embattled Virginia head coach Al Groh is that he heads into a match-up this weekend that might ostensibly not be a must-win, considering they're heavy underdogs, at least according to Vegas. And let me state in no uncertain terms that any sentence including the words "Al Groh" must almost certainly involve the word "embattled." The bad news is that being outscored 97-17 in your first two DI-A games, and peglegging it to a 16-0 win over Richmond results in the oddsmakers thinking your squad is a 6.5-point underdog to Duke. I don't necessarily have the stats to back this up, but I can't imagine that Duke's been a seven-point favorite against anyone, FBS, DI-A, the AEPi IM team, DipSet's interns, you name it in the past two decades.

Does that make it even more of a burden to Al Groh, though? He's 7-for-7 so far against the Blue Devils, but not every one of those W's has been a cakewalk. What happens in the event of a blowout? Does a Virginia win all of a sudden give the Hoos false hope, since they'd be undefeated in the ACC? Did I make this game way more interesting than it really is?

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