The Mystery of The Broken Pipe

Is it just me, or are we spending way too much time talking about the Cubs on this blog lately? We're one day away from the start of the NLCS, and instead of talking about the Phililes and Dodgers, we're reporting on every little thing the Cubs do. This needs to change, and I promise you FanHouse readers I'm going to stop writing about the Cubs for the rest of the week. Right after this post.

You see, apparently after the Cubs were finished getting swept by the Dodgers on Saturday night, somebody on the team did some damage in the visitor's dugout. Now the Chicago Sun-Times' Rick Telander is on a one man mission to find the perpetrator(s).

Moments after the final out (Alfonso Soriano fanning on three pitches), one of the Cubs -- maybe two, maybe all 25 -- took something large and hard, like a shoe or bat or sledgehammer, and busted a fair-sized water pipe at the back of the visitors' dugout.

Water gushed out, and very quickly the floor of the area leading into the locker room was flooded.

Blah, blah, blah, poor sportsmanship, blah blah blah. Listen, is this really that hard to figure out? It was Carlos Zambrano, okay? I don't know if you've noticed, but he's a somewhat angry individual. We know it's Z because it obviously can't be a member of the Cubs offense.

As they showed us throughout the Dodgers series, they're fine when it comes to swinging the bat, but making contact is another story.

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