One Net Rushing Yard Not Enough for Tennessee

For want of a yard...

Oh, wait. That's not exactly the way it works in this case.

Georgia's 26-14 win over 2-4 Tennessee didn't exactly grab the attention of college football fans. After all, given the trainwreck of the 2008 Tennessee Volunteers, everyone expected Georgia to win. Unsurprisingly, they did. Handily, more or less. Nothing to see here.

But if you did watch, or care about Tennessee football, one stat has to jump out at you.

Tennessee. Rushed. For. One. Net. Yard.

One stinking yard.

Georgia's players said they had the film room thank.

Georgia defensive end Demarcus Dobbs said he knew which way Tennessee was going to run the ball "80 percent of the time" based on alignments and formations the team studied in video sessions.

"Watching film was a huge part (of stopping the run)," Dobbs said. "We did some thorough video sessions and watched film and picked up on a couple of traits that gave away what they were going to do."

Dobbs said the Bulldogs noticed whether Tennessee lined up its fullback inside or outside and if the tight end moved to the backfield. He also said the alignment of tackles Chris Scott and Ramon Foster tipped off the direction of the run.

Er... yeah, that could have something to do with it.

Tennessee has always prided themselves on their power running game, but their ground attack has been notably anemic these past few seasons. Their performance against Georgia set new historic lows.

With Nick Stephens in and learning at quarterback, the Vol offense must, must find a way to reestablish the running game. They might want to start by eliminating their obvious tells.

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