Jeff Conine Is an Ironman

What are you doing tonight? Working? Writing? Intermittently sleeping? Watching seminal Martin Scorcese documentary No Direction Home? Sitting around on your butt watching baseball? Having a few beers? Enjoying the playoffs?

Good for you. Jeff Conine will be celebrating his effing Ironman:

With his wife Cindy, three kids, parents and in-laws waiting for him at the finish line, former Florida Marlin Jeff Conine, 42, of Weston completed his first Ironman late Saturday in 14 hours, 43 minutes and 45 seconds. He is the first finisher to also have played in the major leagues.

For the record, an Ironman competition comprises the following:

-- A 2.4-mile swim
-- A 112-mile bike ride
-- A 26.2 mile footrace

For any of the rest of us, it would be an accomplishment to do any of those three things singularly. Conine did them all in one day. I watched, like, the last few miles of a marathon -- merely one component of the Ironman -- on Sunday, and I felt physically tired just from observing.

I really need to stop drinking so much Fat Tire.

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