Boo Weekley on ‘The Tonight Show'

I don't think it is crazy talk to consider Boo Weekley the second most popular golfer in the country right now behind Tiger Woods.

His breakout performance at the Ryder Cup just showed a larger audience what some of us golf nerds have known for a while -- that the guy can fire up a crowd faster than Nicollette Sheridan streaking through a fraternity house. The video from his appearance on The Tonight Show last week is up and, let me tell you, it's an absolute afternoon-maker.

I think a +1 is in order to the person that does scheduling for The Tonight Show. Weekley, with all the smarts of cutting your steak with a spoon, was on the same couch as Dennis Miller, one of the quicker-witted guys of our time and someone with a vocabulary that makes Webster rock in his chair. I have no idea if this was on purpose or not, but if so, I want the name of the person in charge so I can send him or her a box of very expensive chocolates.

Weekley emerged doing the same Happy Gilmore dance that he did on the first fairway at Valhalla and then went into this little story, after the jump, about losing his keys in a Port-o-Potty. Check out the interview, which is short but absolutely worth it, after the jump.


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