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A real blog from a college football player is something we're just not used to being exposed to. But with all things blog, we've got one of those too. UConn lineman, Rob Lunn has started a blog talking about his experience as a college football player and student.

Sure, a lot of college football players are blogging for national medial outlets. But those are mainly filtered for political correctness and keep away from bulletin board material. Not that Lunn is providing anyone with a reason beat UConn any worse than they would. But he is giving us a candid view that stays between the lines while providing a bit of humor.

Top Three Opposing Fans:

1. West Virginia - Ruthless. Simply ruthless. I was doing my pregame routine, praying, when I kneeled by the student section and was promptly instructed to "Keep Praying (expletive), you better (expletive) pray that we don't (expletive) murder you tonight." I'm pretty sure that fan is going to hell. But kudos on making the top three.

2. Rutgers- New Jersey. Don't let the blowouts, hair gel, and glow sticks fool you. They're tough.

3. Hofstra- Haha yeah right. Syracuse- Maybe it's the fans, maybe its the Dome, I dont know, but they do have a committed student section. I think after this week UNC might be in the mix. (Indiana was a close runner-up).

There's blogging gold over at Thoughts From a Fat White Guy. It doesn't take a long time to appreciate what is going on there. Lunn has a lot of Art Donovan in him. And that's a good thing.

Hat Tip: With Leather

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