Big East Power Poll: Time Running Out

The 18-game Big East schedule is nearing its completion. Just 3 to 4 more games remain for the teams. For some it's about solidifying seeds. Others trying to get off the bubble or into the conversation. Then there are those just trying to get to Madison Square Garden for the Big East Tournament.

After the first 5 teams, the next 5 are on varying degrees on the dreaded NCAA Tournament bubble. After that there are 4 teams fighting to make it to the Big East Tournament. The remaining 2 aren't mathematically eliminated, but have no realistic shot of playing a conference tournament game.
The rankings were compiled before the Marquette-Villanova game, and the full results from a cumulative collection of Big East bloggers can be found here.

  1. Louisville -- If they win their final 3 they win the Big East regular season outright. They have a very clear goal and are playing their best ball right now.
  2. Notre Dame -- 3 of 4 final games on the road, but only one should be a challenge. A sweep and they at least tie for the Big East regular season championship.
  3. Georgetown -- Have the Hoyas regained their offense or has it simply been playing bad teams? They'll find out after a warm-up with St. John's.
  4. UConn -- Huskies have Rutgers and Providence among their last 3 games. They are simply about working Jerome Dyson back into the rotation.
  5. Marquette -- Playing for seed and not to get hurt like last year.
  6. Villanova -- The UConn win really helped them, but losing to Marquette last night means they need to win their final 3 to boost their numbers into the bubble discussion.
  7. Pitt -- The good news: Levance Fields is back from injury to run the point and help the offense. The bad news, now the defense is struggling with 3 straight losses to 3 of the top 5 teams. Realistically 2-2 will get them in, but 3-1 would be better.
  8. West Virginia -- 2-2 in their final 4 games will keep them firmly on the bubble and set them up for a chance to get in with a win or two int the Big East Tournament.
  9. Cinci -- Horrible performance in the non-con will keep them out of the NCAA, but there is no reason they can't finish .500 or better in the Big East.
  10. Syracuse -- Injuries and youth have taken a toll. The good news is they have a week to rest before a final 3 game stretch to try and finish above .500
  11. Seton Hall -- Injuries and a lack of depth kept this team from making the visible strides that the Pirates have made. They should finish strong with 3 of the 4 final opponents in the bottom fourth of the Big East.
  12. DePaul -- Year 3 under Jerry Wainwright has shown the vagaries of recruiting rankings and the need for upperclassmen. Young and sloppy best describes their performance for the year.
  13. St. John's -- The team most desperate to make the Big East Tournament has games remaining with Georgetown, ND and WVU. Not looking good.
  14. Providence -- Even Providence can't afford to keep Tim Welsh around any longer. Whatever money is left on his contract is more than offset by what they are losing by empty seats and diminishing interest.
  15. South Florida -- The first year for Stan Heath had to be disturbing. Kantrell Gransberry is a senior. They need some frontcourt players to just begin to make up for what they are losing.
  16. Rutgers -- Thank goodness Fred Hill can recruit. They do have two more chances for wins with USF and at Seton Hall.

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