Alex Ovechkin's Newest, Biggest Fan

Obama loves Ovie, but has he actually seen him?

Alex Ovechkin has a new fan, and it's someone you've probably heard of. Barack Obama name-dropped the two-time Hart winner while giving a speech in Russia, as relayed by the Sports Bog.

The president said, "[a]s a resident of Washington, D.C., I continue to benefit from the contributions of Russians -- specifically, from Alexander Ovechkin. We are very pleased to have him in Washington, D.C."

Not that he'd know first-hand. Despite Ted Leonsis's open invitation, Obama and his family haven't yet made it to the Verizon Center -- at least for hockey. Beyonce and the 'Zards, sure. Plus, it's kind of hard to imagine him kicking back in the Oval Office tuned to Lacher and Joe.

He probably doesn't even know the difference between a winger in hockey and the '80s hair band.

At least Chuck Todd was there to notice the phoniness. NBC's White House correspondent followed up on Obama's new-found interest in pucks and Zambonis.

Todd: You mentioned Ovechkin in there, our friend in Washington. Do you think should you have been transparent and said you've never been to a hockey game? Are you going to fix this?

Obama: The truth of the matter is is that I have watched this guy play, and he's outstanding. But you know, Chuck, I grew up in Hawaii....

Todd: Don't tell those Blackhawk fans that. You became a Bulls fan!

Obama: We have basketball [in Hawaii]. We didn't have hockey. I love watching hockey.

Hock-ey? Is that the one with the sticks?

Still, if he's willing to see the error of his ways and convert, more power to him. The Caps bandwagon gained a lot of extra bodies over the past two seasons, but there's always room for one more. 

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