Does Mother Nature Hate Democrats?

Hurricane Bill eyes Clintons, Obamas

The Clintons are walking hand in hand in Bermuda this week. The Obamas will be vacationing in Martha's Vineyard starting this weekend.

Sounds like a lot of R&R for Democratic leaders on the East Coast. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other ideas.

Hurricane Bill could cause plenty of havoc for Washington's power couples starting Saturday.

Near-hurricane force winds are expected to ruin the Clintons' romantic walks on the pink sand beaches of an island where Chelsea was conceived 30 years ago.

While the brunt of the storm is expected to pass 100 miles west of the Clintons' location, they still could receive 40-foot waves and wind-driven rain.

"They're going to have to hunker down," one meteorologist tracking the hurricane told us, adding that fleeing the island now isn't an option.

The Clintons may not mind staying indoors, however, as the resort they're staying at "occasionally hosts sex seminars to improve couples' relationships," according to the New York Daily News.


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Hubba Bubba.

Meanwhile, the Obamas could also feel the power of Hurricane Bill at Martha's Vineyard.

The president is supposed to fly in on Sunday to try and relax away the pressures of financial meltdowns and health care screamers with a few rounds of golf. But Sunday is also the day Bill's fury arrives.

The eye of the storm is expected to be about 100 miles east of the Vineyard, but as of now Bill is expected to provide the Obamas with tropical storm-force winds of 70 mph to 75 mph with heavy surf and power outages.

Oh, and did we mention that Hurricane Bill is also going to throw some wind and rain toward Hyannis, where the ailing Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy is residing?

Who knew Mother Nature was a Republican?

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