Virginia Sen. Mark Warner's Sandwich Causes Tuna Melt-Down

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner's mayo-heavy, microwaved tuna melt might just help you check your appetite while stuck at home

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A lot of us are forced to do a little more home cooking due to the pandemic. And for some, that's not a good thing.

Take Sen. Mark Warner, of Virginia, for example.

He decided to show off his cooking skills by teaching us all how to make his "soon-to-be-world-famous" tuna melt. On camera and for the whole world to see, Warner loads untoasted bread with mayonnaise, plops onto it undrained tuna straight from the can and then adds two slices of medium cheddar.

Then he microwaves it.

Let's just say the internet had a meltdown.

The whole thing created a scene on social media. Fellow Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted, "Mark—we need to talk. Call. Please. Your friend KDH."

"Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio told Warner to pack his knives.

Warner, who is running for re-election, took it in stride and even leveraged some political capital from what one commenter called "the foulest sandwich I have ever seen."

And let's be clear: This is far, so far, from the best cuisine that Virginia has to offer.

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