UDC To Phase in Tuition Increase

Students applaud change

WASHINGTON -- Expecting more money for the University of the District of Columbia from the economic stimulus package, school officials said they will phase in the tuition increase for the coming school year.

Students greeted Monday's announcement with applause.

UDC President Allen Sessoms will recommend that students pay $1,600 more for the fall semester and $1,700 more the next year. He had planned to propose that tuition nearly double from about $3,800 to $7,000 for D.C. residents studying full time for four-year degrees, and $14,000 for students outside the area.

Sessoms also made a commitment that no student with demonstrated financial need will have to leave UDC because of the tuition increase.

"The reality is that we need increased funding from all available sources to meet our mission and our obligations to the citizens of the District of Columbia," Sessoms said in a statement. "In our tuition increase proposals, we are actually attempting to minimize the contributions we are asking students to make -– and most will be covered by financial aid.”

The board is set to vote on the proposed tuition increase Wednesday.

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