The Night Note: 02/16/09

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$1 Billion From Feds Offsets Latest State Revenue LossMore than $1 billion from the federal stimulus package will more than offset the latest drop in state revenue, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said early Monday. In a memo to legislative money committee leaders, Kaine said the federal infusion Congress approved Friday provides a little more than $800 million for Medicaid and about $216 million in discretionary cash. (AP/Free Lance Star)

Lincoln Ranked Best President by Historians

Abraham Lincoln Former President George W. Bush AP/MSNBC


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Police investigate fatal shooting in Navy Yard

‘Red Bull guy' accused of stealing thousands of dollars in energy drinks

 Kemptown Tests System to Target Sex Offenders

Visitors to any of Frederick County Public Schools' 66 buildings must put their name on a sign-up sheet to enter. But at Kemptown Elementary School in Monrovia, visitors now must hand over a driver's license. A newly installed small electronic device — similar to a credit card reader — allows staff to scan a license and within seconds find out if a visitor is a registered sex offender who has no permission to be on school grounds. (

First Lady to D.C.: Getting to Know You

Michelle Obama said it: Washington is her home now, and she wants to get to know it. She is making rounds, meeting federal workers at Cabinet departments, reading to children, chatting with teens, touring a neighborhood health center, dropping in at Howard University and enjoying family night at the Kennedy Center. She even has been splashed across the cover of the March issue of Vogue, with a headline that proclaims her "The First Lady the World's Been Waiting For." (AP/Washington Times)

Ashburn Teen Makes It Snow

Using a homemade snow machine, Joey, 16, filled his entire yard with snow up to 1.5 feet deep, completing the project in mid-January."I always snowboard back here when we get snow," he said, "but it wasn't snowing, so I came up with a way to get snow myself." In November, Joey started researching online how to make snow at home. He saw several snow machines that sold for up to $800 each.Instead of buying one, he found instructions for building one, and headed to Home Depot. (Loudoun Times

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