The Bearest Loser Meets His Mate

Slimmer Nikki introduced to Billie Jean

Nikki the spectacled bear, winner of the National Zoo edition of the Biggest Loser, has received his prize.

After tipping the scales at 500 pounds -- he couldn't walk far before stopping to catch his breath and his tail had disappeared under layers of fat -- Nikki was placed on a diet and lost more than 100 pounds. (The average male spectacled bear weighs up to 340 pounds.)

His reward? Billie Jean, who entered the exhibit in February and caught Nikki's eye. After much note-passing in homeroom, zoo officials have introduced the two, and they reportedly are hitting it off.

They haven't mated yet. Zoo officials said Billie Jean might still be too young to take that step in the relationship. (She's 3 years old; he's 17.)

Or maybe the svelte, hot stud of a spectacled bear is also an old-fashioned spectacled bear. You know, the kind of spectacled bear that takes courtship slowly, doesn't kiss on the first date, shares his Omnivore Chow (the miracle solution to his weight problem) and waits to meet the parents.

Yeah, for now, Nikki seems content just trying to get to second base. Man, all the good spectacled bears are taken, eh ladies?

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