Starved Horses and Goats Removed from Farm

Officials say several animals were taken from an Anne Arundel, Md. property this week, after months of inaction by their owners.

According to Justin Mulcahy with the Anne Arundel County Police Department, four horses, five ponies and three goats were removed from a property on Upton Road Tuesday.

Mulcahy said the property was initially visited in January by Animal Control officers, who said the basic needs of the animals were not being met. During that visit, two deceased baby goats and one deceased horse were removed from the property.

The owner was told to seek medical treatment for the other animals, clear debris, mend broken fences and address sanitation issues. Three ponies were sent to the Days End Horse Farm and Rescue.

From then, officers noticed small improvements in the conditions of the animals. However, the conditions declined again and a veterinarian recommended the rest of the animals be moved to Days End Farm and Rescue.

Mulcahy said officers are working to find the owners of all of the animals and are working with the Attorney's Office during the investigation. Charges have not yet been filed.

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