Tear Gas Ends Laurel Standoff

Negotiations didn't work, but the tear gas did.

Police used tear gas to put an end to a 5-hour standoff Saturday in Laurel, Md.

After evacuating neighbors in the 7600 block of Woodbine Drive to a nearby school, police gassed the house around 6pm.

That was enough to get their guy out.

The standoff started just after lunchtime when police say they got a call from the man inside the home.

He told them he thought someone was out to get him and trying to break into his home.

Police said family members told them the man had recently stopped taken some medication and that he might have a number of guns in his home.

Negotiators used a loudspeaker and tried to talk the man out of his home. When they finally did get him to come out with the tear gas, they took the 45-year old into custody and then to a mental health facility.

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