‘Sleepy' Cop Won't Face Charges

Police say they don't have proof officer was on duty

No charges are likely to be filed against a police officer who was seen sleeping in a picture that was featured in the St. Mary's Today newspaper.

The picture, which was featured on the front page of this week's edition of the paper, claimed to show an unidentified member of the La Plata Town Police Department dozing on duty. It was coupled with a caption that read: "Cop Out."

"We don't know that he wasn't off duty when this photo was taken," Sgt. William Brown, of the La Plata Town Police Department, told St. Mary's Today.

The picture was taken by a jogger who claims to have seen the same officer in the same state on multiple mornings, according to the newspaper. They added that they do not know the identity of the photographer.

Sgt. Brown told the paper that without knowing the facts of the picture, no charges would be filed against the officer shown.

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