Rims, Oversized Tires Stolen from Trucks, Minivans

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate a series of recent thefts from SUVs, GMC pick-up trucks and minivans where customized rims and standard oversized tires were targeted.

In 2016, there have been 11 cases where all four tires and rims were stolen from the vehicle. An apparent attempted theft was also reported in April in the Sterling area.

Most of the incidents have occurred in the Ashburn and Broadlands areas with similar thefts also reported in Sterling and Lansdowne. In most of the cases, the vehicles targeted have been located on cul-de-sacs. The thieves typically drive an SUV to the area and are targeting the vehicles between midnight and 4 a.m.

In light of these thefts, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office advises residents to take the following precautions to help deter tire and wheel thieves:

  • Park your vehicle in a garage or well-lit area and turn wheels at an angle
  • Install wheel locks
  • Install a car alarm that includes sensors for the wheels
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