Police: Suspects Tried Hiding Among Students

Two suspects involved in a knifepoint robbery near the Tenleytown Metro station were arrested after they were pointed out by high school students to police.

Metropolitan police said four young men, who appeared to be teenagers, robbed someone near the Metro station. Two of the suspects attempted to hide among students at Wilson High School that were hanging around after school.

Police said the two suspects do not attend Wilson High School and were pointed out by the students. They were taken into custody without incident.

Jonathan Bender, a commissioner for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, chairs a task force created after an increase in robberies and violent incidents in the Tenleytown area. Bender said many of the incidents features high school students as victims and suspects.

"We've got Metro police, D.C police, Wilson (High School), our school board member has been coming. The principal of Deal (Junior High School) has been coming," Bender said. "At our last meeting, we had the person that's in charge of juvenile prosecutions."

Bender said the task force is looking at ways to trace the progress of crimes beyond arrests to include prosecution and the crime’s outcome.

"On these violent crimes, we do need to see more follow up," he said. "Some of that may be more preparation of cases, but certainly a more aggressive stance, I think."

Police are still searching for the other two people involved in the robbery.

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