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Pit Bulls Maul Woman Taking Out Trash in Southeast

The victim tried to shield herself from the attack with a trash can

A pair of escaped pit bulls mauled a woman in Southeast D.C. on Wednesday while she was taking out the trash, police said.

The incident, which neighbors said left the victim with injuries to her face and hands, was not the first involving the same dogs.

Earlier Wednesday, a home security camera captured the moment when the pit bulls ambushed a teenage boy who was walking the 6-month-old family dog. He injured his hand in the struggle to save his pet.

Not long afterward, the woman was taking the trash out at home a couple of doors down and was attacked by the same dogs. She tried to protect herself with a trash can as a shield.

"I got here right when the dogs rushed the police and they shot the dogs," said neighbor Clinton Brown.

Sources tell News4 that police who were investigating the mauling obtained a search warrant after they found evidence of a significant commercial marijuana operation inside the home. A DC Fire Department hazmat unit was called and removed several large butane tanks. Police took boxes of other items into evidence.

Residents in the 26-home Banneker Ridge development, just off Minnesota Avenue SE, say the house had been empty for months, when the current occupants moved in a year or so ago.

Sonya Marchi with the Banneker Ridge Homeowners Association said they had been trying to get the occupants evicted for months with no success.

Police were called to the home in October after someone was attacked by a pit bull. The dog was shot by police.

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