OMG! Sorority Breaks Big Dinner Record

Tons of food, miles of napkins needed to accommodate centennial

WASHINGTON -- Three tons of beef, two tons of mashed potatoes and 1,800 gallons of pink lemonade was served last summer at an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority dinner that's going in the record books.

The sorority's centennial convention at the Washington Convention Center included a dinner that Guinness is now calling a record breaker.

A group of 16,206 Alpha Kappa Alpha guests attended the largest sit-down dinner in the history of conventions, Washington Business Journal reported. And that wasn't even half the people who attended the centennial. It supplanted a 2001 event in London.

In addition to the tons of food and gallons of beverages, the dinner required miles and miles of table cloth (3.5) and pink and green napkins (7), as well as 300,000 dining utensils, the Business Journal reported.

Now based in Chicago, AKA was founded at Howard University in 1908.

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