Obamas Made Way More Than You in 2008

First, second families release income tax returns

WASHINGTON -- Sales must be down for President Barack Obama's books. The Obamas only earned about $2.7 million last year.

That's down from $4.2 million in 2007, according to the Associated Press, which also reported that of the Obamas' 2008 earnings, about $2.5 million came in royalties from the president's nonfiction best-sellers "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

So how much did those books make for bailouts? According to the Obamas' tax returns, released Wednesday, they paid the feds $855,323.

That's about three times what Vice President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden earned in 2008 ($269,256).

Another $77,883 of Obama's money went to Illinois.

The Bidens earned salaries from the U.S. Senate, Widener University, and Delaware Technical and Community College, plus royalties from the audio rights to the vice president's book. They paid $46,952 in federal taxes and $11,164 to Delaware.

Both couples were somewhat generous with their money. The Obamas donated $172,050 to 37 charities, the White House said. The Bidens donated $1,885, not including donations to their church.

See for yourself:

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