Morning Read: The Redskins Back to D.C.?

Discussions are underway to bring the Washington Redskins back to the District.

The team played its games in RFK Stadium from 1961 through 1996, but the franchise emigrated to Maryland in 1997 and hasn’t had a District presence since then.

But The Washington Post reports that District officials are mounting the most serious effort in 15 years to lure the beloved football team back to its original home.

Officials say they have identified a place for the team facilities and are deep into talks with the team about relocating its training center from Ashburn, Va.

According to the Post, the discussions do not include building a new Redskins stadium. But the hope is that a training facility would be a prelude to building a new stadium once the team’s lease on FedEx Field in Landover, Md., expires in 2027, if not sooner.

A number of counties in the DMV area are also competing to house the Redskins.

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* Following their parties' cues, Tim Kaine opposed the Blunt amendment while George Allen supported it.

The amendment—which was ultimately tabled Thursday—tried to weaken the Obama administration's’s health coverage rule by allowing insurance companies and employees to opt out of covering prescriptions or procedures for religious or moral reasons.

Kaine said in a statement:

“I urge the Senate to reject this far-reaching amendment that creates a broad loophole to deny any preventive service to any employee – man or woman. This is a slippery slope that rolls back the promise of full preventive health care and removes consumer protections that prevent discrimination. Revoking guaranteed preventive services puts basic health care at risk including, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, and contraception,

A campaign spokeswoman for George Allen told The Washington Post:

“While George Allen does not support banning contraceptives, Americans in this instance should not be forced to choose between following a government mandate or adhering to their own deeply held religious beliefs,” Wright said. “The fact that we are even having this discussion shows the serious problems Obamacare imposes on Virginia families and small businesses, and it’s another reason Tim Kaine should listen to the people of Virginia who want to see it repealed and replaced.”

There’s no such thing as a clean campaign, not even in the cat world.

NBC received an anonymous email Thursday warning that Hank the cat—the cat that entered the race for the Virginia Seat—“has enemies.”

And a video produced by the opposition warns:

"Hank has never released his birth certificate or tax returns, and has never responded to allegations that he used catnip.”

According to the ad, Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow Super PAC paid for it.

* Virginia delegates approved a bill that would permit the mother of an unborn child to file a civil lawsuit against someone who kills the fetus through a “wrongful act” or “neglect” has passed the legislature.

The RTD reports that unlike the "personhood" bill that last week was tabled for the year in the state Senate, this bill would not convey all the rights of personhood to fertilized eggs and prescribe criminal penalties.

The implications of this bill would come into play for instance, if a mother decides to sue a reckless driver in a car accident that killed her unborn child.

It would not apply to doctors or abortions.

* The Virginia House passed a bill Thursday that seeks to mandate ignition interlocks for a minimum of six months for anyone convicted of driving under the influence, according to the RTD.

* The Virginia Senate approved a bill that would charge juveniles facing a third conviction for serious drug offenses as adults.

* Here's one you have to read to believe. The District council is now looking into disgraced former Council member Harry Thomas Jr.'s possible role in funneling city funds to Kellie Williams, who played Laura Winslow in the hit series Family Matters. You know, Urkel's big crush throughout the series.

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