Medicinal Marijuana?

Patient leaves bag of grass in ambulance

WASHINGTON -- A bag of marijuana found in the back of a city ambulance belonged to a patient, according to the D.C. Fire Department.

A paramedic found the ganj while assisting another patient Monday morning, department officials said. The medic immediately notified his supervisor, investigators said.

An investigation determined the marijuana belonged to an unidentified female toker who had been transported earlier. The case has been turned over to the Metropolitan Police Department.

D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin thanked investigators for quickly solving the mystery of the little green bag.

"This department is about full accountability," Rubin said. "Our firefighters and emergency medical providers are committed to providing the best service possible. When allegations such as these are presented, we must proceed with an abundance of diligence and caution. Every employee is entitled to a fair and transparent process. Care of the patients we serve is of the utmost importance, and the public deserves to know that we are all being held to the highest of standards."

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