Keep Your Car Snow-Free … Or Else

Councilman wants new law

WASHINGTON -- Are you one of the many drivers who cleans just enough snow and ice off your car just to make it onto the road and hope a strong gust of wind takes care of the rest?

While you think that Star Wars hyperdrive effect looks cool as you're cruising down Wisconsin Avenue, the snow and ice flying off your car can turn into meteors for other vehicles on the road.

That's dangerous, and it soon could be against the law in D.C. if Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. has his way.

Thomas will propose Tuesday that D.C. becomes the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to require that car and truck owners clear their vehicles of snow and ice before driving, according to the Washington Examiner.

“My concern is really is there an inherent hazard, when you see people pull out with huge sheets of ice on top of their cars where they haven’t taken time to properly prepare their vehicle for driving,” Thomas told The Examiner. “You’re behind people, trucks, and sheets of ice come flying at you. It’s something that could be avoided just by people taking a little more time and brushing their vehicle with a broom.”

The bill, if passed would take effect immediately, could give the option for lazy drivers to pay a fine or take a safety course.  And the bill may be needed immediately, as well, as more snow is predicted for the area for Monday night and Tuesday.  Click here for more details on the storm.

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