Gov. Hogan Approves Noah's Law

The new law requires mandatory breath-testing ignition devices for convicted drunk drivers.

Gov. Larry Hogan signed 144 bills into law Thursday, including an expansion of mandatory use of breath-testing ignition devices and criminal justice reform.

Hogan signed the bills into law at a ceremony at the State House.

The signed bills include Noah's Law, which requires breath-testing ignition devices for anyone convicted of drunken driving. It honors Montgomery County police Officer Noah Leotta, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver who pleaded guilty this week to vehicular manslaughter.

It will require the devices to be installed for six months in the vehicle of anyone who blows a .08 in a breath test or else the person's license would be suspended for that time period. If someone refuses a breath test, they would either have to install the devices for nine months or have their license suspended for that time.

The driver accused of striking and killing Leotta pleaded guilty Wednesday.

There are about 100 bills awaiting the governor's action. Hogan must decide this month whether to veto those bills or let them take effect without his signature.

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