Gorilla Up-Skirt Confirms Baby's Sex

Gorilla Up-Skirt Confirms Baby’s Sex was originally published on The Sexist on Feb. 16, 2009, at 12:05 pm

The rest of the National Zoo’s gorilla population is not amused.

The Washington Post reports today that the baby gorilla born in the National Zoo on Jan. 10 is a baby girl. A zoo spokesperson said it took zookeepers a full three weeks to determine the sex of the gorilla; post-birth, the “hairy arm” of 26-year-old gorilla mama Mandara “protected the newborn and screened her from view.” But mama couldn’t cage this little wild child forever: The sex was confirmed when, during one of the baby’s “rare unshielded moments,” a “zoo photographer snapped a close-up” of the gorilla’s ladyparts.

Sooo . . . the National Zoo employs its own paparazzi, and its assignments include snapping up-skirts of baby animals to confirm that their genitals appear female? Soon, this still-unnamed baby gorilla will be hanging out with Spears and Lohan, clutching its miniskirt as it exits an SUV with no panties on. Baby gorillas grow up so fast.

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