Fist Bump Against Swine Flu

UMD discourages shaking hands at internship fair

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Any angle you can take to land a job is crucial in this economy, particularly for recent graduates just entering the workforce. Sure, youth, energy and relative inexpensiveness can make a recent college grad more attractive than more experienced candidates, but a better way to land a job may be to already have a foot in the door.

NBC4 viewer Sally Brandon tipped us that with the number of suspected cases of swine flu at the school increasing every day, the Career Center suggested that students at the fair make use of hand sanitizer provided at check-in stations and employer booths and offer potential employers fist bumps instead of handshakes. That has to be a better first impression than passing along the latest trend in influenza, and if the first couple embraces the gesture, why can't your potential employer?

The number of cases reported at the school jumped from 172 to 256 overnight, according to a letter sent to students, parents and faculty today. The health center is extending hours and will be open on Sundays until the number of cases decreases.

The school isn't testing for the H1N1 strain. It's just treating all cases as swine flu. Ah, remember the good ol' days when all campus illnesses were simply diagnosed as mono?

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