Family Pleads for Return of 4-Year-Old Boy's Emotional Support Dog

The family is offering a $1,000 reward for Macks' safe return

A Maryland family is pleading for help to find their 4-year-old son's emotional support dog.

Sandrine Hildembrand says their dog Macks helps keep her son Mathis calm. Mathis has Coffin-Lowry syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that includes skeletal abnormalities and developmental delays.

"He's a lot more anxious. I can tell. I can feel it," Hildembrand said.

Macks went missing June 10 after he ran out of the back gate of their Potomac home without his collar.

Neighbors said they saw three men in a pickup truck take Macks, a 30-pound French bulldog and beagle mix, in the area of Over Ridge Road and Cold Spring Road.

Hildembrand said she filed a police report and put up fliers to try to find their black and white companion. The family is offering a $1,000 reward for Macks' safe return.

"That's my only hope right now to be reunited with Macks and to be able to give him some comfort," she said.

Anyone who sees the dog should call 202-674-1545.

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