Ex-Va. GOP Chair To Run Again!

Can Jeffrey Frederick come back and save the economy?

Just when you thought ex-Virginia GOP chairman Jeffrey Frederick was gone forever, it turns out he is... not gone forever, at all. He still has state elections to ruin for his party, on Twitter, after all.

The GOP's State Central Committee voted to remove Frederick from his cushy chairman's role in a closed-door meeting Saturday by a 57-18 vote. Regular NBCWashington readers will remember why they did this, but here's a quick Washington Post recap:

Allegations against Frederick included contentions that he directed business to his own company, spent party money for unbudgeted purposes without approval, refused to coordinate with Republican presidential nominee John McCain's campaign and made embarrassing political gaffes. One involved an ill-timed remark during the campaign comparing Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden.

But no one had really considered unseating this guy until he lost his party an entire house of the state legislature with one dumb Twitter message. The rest was just gravy.

After a whole two days of contemplating his future, however, Frederick has told the Post that he will "probably" run for party chairman again in May, just as the party is trying to not blow a gubernatorial election this fall over petty intra-party distractions:

Frederick said in an interview that he does not think the party's leaders, McDonnell among them, will be able to turn around years of Republican losses in Virginia.

"I'm very concerned about the party's ability to win in the fall," Frederick said. "The current track we are on will not provide the results that we need."

Who is this "we" again?

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