Larry Frum

Heat Bakes DC Again Tuesday, Day After Record-High Tie

We're almost through our last day of near-record heat in the D.C. area before increasing clouds and rain chances bring temps down closer to average.

Tuesday, just like Monday, has been a "3H" day: hazy, hot and humid, with afternoon heat indexes in the mid to high 90s. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks from the heat if you work outdoors.

Like Monday, the air quality is once again Code Orange, which means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups, including the very young, senior citizens and those with heart and lung issues. These groups should avoid spending long periods outdoors.

But the heat won't stick around much longer. High pressure moving into New England will push a cold front down the East Coast Wednesday. As that front approaches, clouds and rain chances will increase.

Highs Wednesday will still be near 90, but rain and possibly a few strong thunderstorms appear likely by the afternoon.

How far south that front gets will have a big impact on our temperatures for mid-week. As of now, it appears that the front will make it south of Richmond, Virginia. If it does, our afternoon highs will fall back to the low/mid 80s for Thursday and Friday with scattered showers possible both days.

That front is expected to come back northward Saturday, when warmer, more humid air returns for the weekend. Highs on Saturday will be in the upper 80s and Sunday's highs will get back into the 90s. Afternoon storms will be likely both days this weekend.

Warm, humid weather, typical of June, will continue on into next week.

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