Cats Taken From Virginia Hoarder Readied for Adoption

The 161 cats removed from an Annandale, Va., home last year are being readied for adoption, and meanwhile, the woman they were taken from is holding on to the hope that she can keep pets once again.

The Nov. 19 seizure was one of the biggest the Fairfax County Animal Shelter has ever seen. Since the shelter only has 26 cat condos, it's leaning on a private business owner who's offered housing for dozens of cages. And Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter has raised $20,000 for care, including a $15,000 grant from Pet Smart.

The cats were taken form Eleanor Kaufer, who had been running a cat rescue operation out of the Annandale home. She said she would take cats to Pet Smart weekly for adoption.

Kaufer is due in court Thursday on an animal neglect charge. She wants to at least get her two favorite cats back.

As for the cats, many of well socialized and should be easy to adopt. The shelter also is looking for barn homes for the feral cats in the bunch.

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