Apps Allow Parents to Track Their Teens

Several apps make it easy for parents to track their children.

Life360, Geozilla and Safe24 all promise to help track family members in real time, and all three have features that can be used for free, like location sharing: A map shows where everyone in the family is at once.

The apps also offer rundowns of where family members have been for the past 24 or 48 hours.

For parents of teen drivers, they can be followed in real-time in the app, which also shows how fast they’re driving.

Life360 also offers safe drive notifications for free, alerting the user when someone in their circle completes a drive and detailing how far they went and what their top speed was.

The app also allows the user to set up location alerts, a child’s school for example, letting the user know whenever a child leaves or arrives.

All of the apps have premium options if you buy a subscription, including crash detection, roadside assistance and driver reports.

Most teenagers aren't going to like being tracked by their parents, so experts urge them to explain it is about safety, not a lack of trust.

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