Meredith Royster

4 Apps to Download Before Your Next Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, there are four apps you may want to download first.

The getupside app can help you pay less at the pump, with savings up to 25 cents-per-gallon. Fill up at a participating gas station and snap a photo of your receipt to earn cash back you can cash out with Paypal or a check at any time.

It launched in D.C. two years ago and is expanding along the East Coast. It's a D.C.-based company that now offers cash back deals on local restaurants and grocery stores as well.

Iexit tells you exactly what is near every highway exit so you can find the nearest ATM or your favorite restaurant.

The tvfoodmaps app helps you find restaurants and eateries that have appeared on various shows. Plug in your starting point, destination and how far off course you're willing to venture.

And the app roadtrippers finds offbeat attractions, museums, amusement parks and more.

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