What's in Your Candy?

There's a surprising ingredient that may be in your Halloween candy

That average-looking candy bar may have an added jolt this Halloween, so you'll want to watch out for a trick that might be passed out as a treat -- caffeine-laden sweets.

What looks like an average Snickers bar may contain almost as much caffeine as a Red Bull. It's the new Snickers 'Charged' candy bar.  Parents are being warned about these candies with an added kick. 

"There's a new trend in candy in that the manufacturers are adding caffeine to some on the bars," said Good Housekeeping Institute's Nutritional Director, Samantha Cassetty. "The Snickers 'Charged' bar has 60 milligrams of caffeine. The Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans have 50 milligrams."

Compare that to a Red Bull, which has 80 milligrams of caffeine, and that's a lot of caffeine for some candy.

Cassetty said that while the products are marketed towards adults and are not recommended for children, they could easily end up in your child's trick or treat basket. "The labels clearly state that they are not intended for consumption by children."

If you don't want to give out candy for Halloween, you can offer granola bars instead. Cassetty said that you can find ones made with whole grains, and they make a sweet, crunchy, sensible snack. Good luck convincing the kids that granola bars are better than candy though.

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