Something Fishy?

Easy Mobile Calculator lets consumers determine the amount of mercury in fish before they buy it

Ever wonder how much mercury is lurking in the fish you want to eat? 

If so, there's a new way you can check to see if what you're about to eat might be bad for your health. made live a mobile phone version of its online mercury-in seafood calculator that estimates mercury exposure.

Fish consumption is the primary source of mercury consumption in the United States.

The mobile calculator estimates low, moderate or high levels of mercury based on U.S. Government guidelines.

Eating certain types of fish high in mercury like swordfish, tuna (fresh, canned and albacore), shark, tilefish and king mackerel can pose health risks.

Those risks are especially great for mothers, pregnant women and children, depending on how much is eaten, according to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

The cell phone calculator compliments the web version found at the GotMercury website.




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