25 Tips for a Longer Life

Tina Turner is the picture of vitality at 69 -- the rest of us need to start the New Year with 25 tips to a longer, healthier life with tips from the Scripps Center for Executive Health. 

The year 2009 is expected to be a challenging one. Why not start out it out with some simple tips to a longer, healthier life. Scripps Center for Executive Health is launching 25 tips to get you started. The pointers include the obvious, like watching your weight and avoiding obesity, but also on the list are less-likely candidates, such as flossing, which many people would never think would affect long-term health.

Also on the list: Watch your "liquid" calories, too, said Dr. Scott Carstens, the center's medical director. If you're counting calories, don't forget to add in that glass of orange juice or wine with your daily totals. To find out what the other tips are click on 25 Tips to a Longer, Healthier Life.

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