Wendy's Green Favorites

I had such a good time speaking at the National Institutes of Health on Earth Day Eve.    I was nervous about speaking in front of a lot of people with big brains, but they laughed at my jokes and remained attentive as I blah blah blahed on and on for 45 minutes.  I do need to bring an oven timer to these things, so I'll know when to back away from the podium.  

ANYWAY.   I always do a show-and-tell about my favorite green things that everyone should consider.    Several people asked for a list of my items so here they are...

I came with a big yellow envirosax filled with books and magazines and other stuff.    I love the environsax because they fold up into little pouches the size of a pack of cigarettes.  Keep them in your purse or pocket and you'll always have a shopping bag.    And they're cheap and colorful.  Love that.

Click on the highlighted items and you'll find yourself at the various Web sites for my green favorites.


Mother Earth News: Everything from gardening to installing your own solar panels.  You'll love Mother Earth!

Natural Home:  It's a great green home decorating magazine. 

E The Environmental magazine:    Green news is coming fast and furious.  Keep up with E!

Vegetarian Times:  It's not just about beans and tofu anymore.   See the glories of a plant-based diet.

Veg News:   It's the vegan magazine.  Great recipes and good updates on animal rights issues.  My favorite.


Green America: Formerly  Co-op America.   Green consumer organization that keeps everyone honest.

Earth Cinema Circle:   The netflix of environmental films, except you get to keep them!   Every month they send you a dvd with four films.    Filmmakers take you around the world to show you what's being done and what we need to do.


The Omnivore's Dilemma:  Michael Pollan's manifesto on saving the planet thru your stomach.   Brilliant.

Skinny Bitch:   My bible.  It will change the way you look at food.

Silent Spring:  Rachel Carson tells us how to stop poisoning ourselves.   She was a visionary.


Amicus Green Building Center: The green home improvement store in Kensington, Md.   Go talk to Jason. 


Burning the Future: Coal in America:  This award-winning documentary by David Novack will outrage you.   I hope.   See what mountaintop mining has done to the people of West Virginia.   "Clean" coal?     I don't think so.  

As always,  thank you for your attention.

-- Wendy

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