Cure for the Kitchen Phobia

There are young workoholics and there are their kitchens, and seldom do the twain meet.  Owners avoid their kitchens night after night, opting instead to spend their time sifting through pizza delivery coupons or mindlessly staring at shiny things with whirling blades on late-night infomercials. 

Fortunately, NBC's gadget guy can help make the kitchen a less scary place, with these gadgets that make cooking an easier and infinitely more amusing experience:

West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker:
Poaches, hard- or soft-boils eggs at the touch of a button

Accusharp Knife &Tool Sharpener:
Manually sharpens your kitchen tools with just a few swipes

Norpro Vertical Roaster with Infuser:
A classy, clean version of the beer can trick

Ingenuitea Teapot by Adagio:
Releases infused tea into your cup from the bottom of  the pot

Norpro Battery Operated Flour Sifter:
A 4-cup capacity gadget for you slothful sifters

Unicorn Minmill Pepper Mill:
Offers several grinding options and cracks out major pepper with minor effort
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