Na Na Na

"I stopped thinking in terms of traditional songwriting. I worked on shapes, forms, and textures, scents and colors. Elements which are more earthy and organic inspired me."

Youtube sensation Theresa Andersson is one talented woman. I say ONE woman because she is able to create every part of her music live all by herself. Every song she performs live is a perfectly orchestrated and choreographed dance with her drums, guitar, fiddle, dulcimer, tambourine, record player, 2 mics and her 30 odd loop pedals. She tracks every instrument and vocals live and loops them within the live performance by operating her pedal loops through out the show with her toes. It is incredible.

Her debut album, Hummingbird, Go! was released on Sept. 2nd by Basin Street Records. Recording each part herself in her New Orleans kitchen, Andersson then took album to Sweden and left it in the hands of friend and producer Tobias Froberg. While the album was being mixed Theresa needle felted 1,500 individual CD jackets for the teaser EP "I the River."

Theresa Andersson will be performing at SPACE in Evanston this Sunday (9/21) with Janelle Kroll. The show starts at 8:00pm and tickets are $10.

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