Track Santa on Christmas Eve!

NORAD follows Kris Kringle as he circles the world

He watches who's naughty and who's nice all year long. Now it's your turn to keep an eye on Santa Claus.

With the help of NORAD, which is a joint military agency between the U.S. and Canada to monitor its air defense systems, kids can keep track of how close Santa is to their towns and chimneys as he flies around the world.

NORAD's been keeping an eye on Santa's annual trip since it was formed in 1958. When you see the jolly elf and his reindeer getting close to your home, take a quick peek out the window for a glimpse of Rudolph's nose and then get under those covers quick! Santa likes to do his work unobserved, and you don't want to get on his naughty list next year, do you?

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