Teen Burns, Stomps American Flag

Burner charged with desecrating a flag

A teen claimed she was "making a statement" when she lit an American flag on fire with a cigarette lighter and then stomped on it in the middle of traffic, according to police.

The incident occurred just hours after Americans celebrated Independence Day with fireworks celebrations across the region.

Two officers said they saw Rebecca Ellen McKimmie, 18, of Ocean City, Md., light the flag on fire early Sunday morning while standing between two lanes of traffic near the Route 50 Bridge. Police said once it was lit she then stomped on it in the roadway, causing several cars to swerve in order to avoid her.

She was charged with desecrating a flag and disturbing the peace. However, the last time we checked burning a flag was still legal in the United States, so that charge probably wouldn't hold up if pursued.

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