Tech Performs for Free at UMD

The sickest MC in hip-hop is giving a free show at the University of Maryland Friday.

There's room for only 500 people at the Hornbake Plaza show, so get there early. Immortal Technique will be joined by Poison Pen, AKIR and Diabolic.

As politically minded as he is caustic and filthy, Tech can turn a phrase better than any rapper I've ever heard. His lyrics can be lewd, violent and highly offensive, but he always takes that extreme imagery and crafts poignant messages. And no matter how filthy his rhymes get, his wordplay is genius.

Plus, he practices what he preaches. He comes to Maryland on the heels of a trip to Afghanistan where he helped open the Amin Institute, which will serve as an orphanage, school and medical facility. Money from his benefit concerts and his own wallet went to the Amin effort.

No doubt he'll have plenty to talk about during his set.

If not for the controversy his lyrics create and his refusal to join the majors and the mainstream, Immortal Technique would lord over the hip-hop scene.

Doors are at 6 p.m. Show's at 8.

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