Style By Steve — A Straight Man's Oscar Perspective

You've heard from mostly women and gay men and what they think about the red carpet fashions from this year's Oscars. So here's another voice — Oscar fashion 2009… "straight" and easy.

Natalie Portman is jaw dropping gorgeous. She rocked the carpet in my favorite dress of the night. I loved the color. It made her seem like a normal girl… but all dressed up. It's just another reason why every guy has a secret (or not so secret) crush on her.

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She looked comfortable… classic. And she didn't pose… I bet some ladies were upset right there and then, because they were simply out-classed… and she made it look easy. Nat clearly wore the dress… meaning it did not wear her.

Taraji P. Henson looked great… she had awesome make-up and hair. And I loved her necklace. But what I liked even more was that many ladies went without necklaces this year. They showed off their great skin and necklines. Sexy.

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Angelina's dress was a "B" at BEST. That's right. That's the truth, from my eyes. But add Brad I suppose… and those green earrings and you get an A (as always).

Miley -- I loved the dress. One of the best of the night… but it was too old for her. We need to remember she is a teen. She does too…

Vanessa Hudgens -- She's hot. The dress… again, a bit old. But she's hot.

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Anne Hathaway -- OK, at best… and I know it was a big hit, but I could take it or leave it. I know all the ladies love her… which leads me to….

Sarah Jessica Parker -- I hated it. Sorry. But I bet 5 bucks all guys do. Her hair was NOT loose and comfortable or classic. It was a mess.

Beyonce always rocks. And I loved her dress. I know some didn't. But she wears a million different looks. And this one worked for me.

Jessica Biel — Horror show.

Mickey Rourke -- He's a cool cat… well a bit crazy, but cool crazy. And he's a fashion master.

Melissa Leo -- I liked the dress… for her. I liked the change of color…very unique. But then there was…

Meryl Streep — No good. Boring. Drab. And I feel bad that she made her daughter dress in matching "drab."

Marisa Tomei is too quiet and shy for the gown she wore. The flaps… the train… It was way too much dress for her.

Kate Winslet — Ryan Patterson's (our Glam Slam expert) Friday prediction about one shoulder straps proved true. And Kate's was the best I saw at the Oscars. I really hated Kate's dress at first. But I loved her hair… a lot (for the record). As time went on, I like the dress more and more.

"Slumdog" girl, Freida Pinto… WOW…Just… WOW.

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