Southwest Style in the Heart of DC

Alero is a popular hangout for many along the busy U Street corridor, which is populated with bar after lounge, and lounge after restaurant.

Choosing between the influx of eateries can be a somewhat daunting task -- if you're an amateur, that is!  Many of the busy strip's faithful blindly patron their fav spot without hesitation.

The secret to Alero's inherent success, however, is not its delicious mix of Mexican delicacies and the sweetest margaritas around, nope; it's their spotty service.

Many-a-time meals have been forgotten, drinks have been spilled and seating has been so crowded that the wait is almost as long as entrance to a nightclub. But over and over, the proud, the many and the faithful crowd the little Mexican bistro for happy hour, Friday night on the town, Saturday night on the town ... heck any night on the town!

The allure may reside in the food. The spicy, yet smooth, Mexican dishes are not over the top. They offer a taste of many of Mexico's most famous dishes; from hard shell tacos to burritos and quesadillas. Can you say delicioso!

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