Some Liquor for Your Inner Librarian

Loudoun considering allowing alcohol at libraries

There's nothing quite like settling down for a night with a good book and glass of wine. So why not combine the two at the library?

There's talk in Loudoun County about allowing alcohol to be served at libraries and two public park facilities -- for special events and fundraisers, but not on a daily basis. That means you'll still have to chug your Two Buck Chuck at home while wading through the latest Neal Stephenson tome, but the change could bring in more cash for the county and give more exposure to the area's wineries.

According to the Examiner, a one-year trial period could allow limited alcohol use at the Franklin Park Visual and Performing Arts Center and the Heritage Farm Museum.

The changes are still in the talking stages, so don't take your box of wine to the library just yet. We'll let you know when they give the A-OK.

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