Sneak a Peak at the President-Elect

Onlookers will have a chance to see Obama on his Whistle-Stop tour to Washington.

When Barack Obama's first inaugural event-- the Whistle Stop train ride to Washington-- begins Saturday, those who otherwise might miss out on the festivities will get a chance to sneak a peak at the next president.

There will be one train station along the 137 mile trip from Philadelphia to Washington where onlookers will be able to actually see into the train.

The platform at the Edgewood MARC station north of Baltimore will be open to onlookers.

The train will slow down as it passed through the station, giving those on the platform a chance to see President-Elect Obama, Vice-President-Elect Biden, and their families.

The estimated arrival time is 2:30 p.m.

However, drivers beware-- the parking lot at the Edgewood station will be closed.

Shuttles will run from nearby Edgewood High School off Willoughby Beach Road.

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