Senator Caroline? Ummm, Maybe Not

Kennedy's popularity sees rapid decline, poll indicates

The Caroline Kennedy boomlet may have gone bust. A new poll just out shows her popularity among New Yorkers plummeting after her month-long political roll out.

Nearly half -- 44% -- of the state's voters say their opinion of Kennedy has dimmed since she started "campaigning." Worse for her,  Andrew Cuomo has become the far more popular choice. Democrats prefer Cuomo 54%-34%. A month ago PPP found Kennedy the favorite among Dems 44%-23%.

The automated telephone poll by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling does not have much of a track record in New York but if it's correct it may be bad news for Kennedy even though what the public thinks is not the deciding factor.

Instead it is up to Governor David Paterson to choose a replacement for Hillary Clinton and insiders close to him tell us that he will make his decision later -- allowing the various "candidates" to be vetted and screened by the media and public. That, they say, will give Paterson a better idea of who will be the best candidate for run for election in 2010 -- and who will best help Paterson get reelected.

Clinton will not resign from her seat until she is confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate. That's expected to happen later this month giving Paterson a few more weeks to let the game play out.

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