Sen. “Widestance” Drops Appeal

Larry Craig gives up hope of overturning guilty conviction in bathroom sex case

Former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has finally given up on his quest to have his conviction stemming from an airport bathroom sex solicitation overturned.
Minneapolis attorney Tom Kelly said Thursday that he and Craig concluded that the state Supreme Court would not accept a petition for further review of the case, so it would be a futile exercise. He says that means the legal wrangling in the case is over.
The senator quietly pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a fine following his 2007 arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig was accused of using a series of hand and foot gestures as a means of trying to initiate a sexual encounter with an undercover police officer.
The Idaho republican tried to defend himself by explaining to an incredulous nation that his foot had strayed under the bathroom partition because he had a "wide stance" when using a toilet.
Craig soon realized that a guilty plea was tantamount to an admission of homosexuality and a predilection for trolling restrooms for sex. So he sought to change his plea, insisting he was innocent and that he was not gay. He did not seek re-election.
Thursday was the 30-day deadline for Craig to ask the high court to review a Minnesota Court of Appeals decision that went against him.
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